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Sexist Attitudes In Victims Of Teen Dating Violence: Incidence In The Type Of Aggression Suffered

Dating violence is an important health problem among adolescents and young adults for its implications on physical and mental health and its consequences for individual and social development. One of the risk factors related to dating violence that is most influenced by sociocultural values are sexist attitudes. The objective of this study is to analyze the influence of sexist attitudes on adolescents' dating violence, taking into account the different forms of aggression in which it may occur. The sample consists of 686 adolescents aged between 15 and 18 years. The instruments used are: Adolescent Sexism Detection Scale and Dating Violence Questionnaire - CUVINO. The results indicate that adolescents are subjected to more than one type of aggression perpetrated by their partners. Also, results indicate that adolescents who are victims of detachment, sexual abuse, coercion, and gender based violence manifest benevolent sexist attitudes of different consideration, some more accentuated than others. In the case of adolescents who feel victimized by their partners, hostile sexist attitudes are present in most cases and in the forms of aggression they suffer. Keywords - Dating Violence, Sexist Attitudes, Victimization, Adolescents.