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Alcohol As A Factor Of Vulnerability To Suffer Teen Dating Violence

Alcohol consumption is becoming more frequent in the adolescent population, causing serious physical, mental, social and emotional health problems in the subjects. During this evolutionary stage, the first amorous relationships and the consumption of alcohol, among other individual and social factors, also constitute an important risk factor in the adoption of experiences of aggression and victimization. This study analyzes adolescents' alcohol consumption and its relationship with victimization processes in their relationships. The sample consists of 686 adolescents aged between 15 and 18 years. The instruments used are: Alcohol Consumption Scale and Dating Violence Questionnaire - CUVINO. The results show that more than 80% of the participants consume alcohol occasionally, mainly on weekends or at parties and celebrations. Regarding the type of alcohol, the results indicate that these adolescents drink so much wine or wine, as other drinks with a higher alcohol content. The results also show that alcohol consumption is related to the experimentation of situations of victimization in the relationships of adolescent couples. Likewise, the results reveal that as the frequency of alcohol consumption increases, the frequency of experiences of victimization suffered decreases. Keywords - Dating Violence, Alcohol, Victimization, Adolescents.