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Biomass Productivity Studies On Lemna Minor (L.)

Wastewater culture study was carried out to explore the effect of chemical stress on biomass production potential of Lemna minor (L.). The neutral pH range coupled with high nutrient status (Phosphate and Total-Nitrogen) of wastewater exerted a profounded effect on the growth of Lemna minor. The values of Relative growth (RG), Net Primary Productivity (NPP) and Percentage weight gain (PWG) reflected a clear cut variation in biomass productivity of Lemna minor in different treatments and control cultures. During the course of study BOD, COD, Sulphate, Phosphate and Total Nitrogen showed significant reduction with maximum increase in Lemna minor biomass at pH=7 followed by control culture on 4th day of study. Our study finally explored the wider possibilities of developing wastewater culture medium using different pH in order to maximize the biomass productivity and, hence enhance the production of animal feed protein from Lemna minor. Keywords- Lemna minor (L.), Biomass productivity, pH, and Chemical stress