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Identification Of The Kazakh Culture In The Context Of The National Idea

Kazakhstan needs a new national idea and new identification of mentality. Today, therefore, the Kazakh national, not nationalist, idea, having fulfilled its historic mission, must be transformed into common Kazakh, Eurasian idea that will be universal and is dialogic in nature. The basic principle of the national idea of Kazakhstan should be the idea of the dialogue of cultures. Dialogue-the cornerstone of all human relationships. The idea of dialogue is the idea of the meeting of two different minds, two different cultural worlds; each of them has its unique, to him the only "prepared" place. As a form of self-awareness of their cultural identity, the national idea is different from similar concepts as mentality, national spirit and character. Mental features of the Kazakh culture are described in depth (as researchers have long noted, the mentality better describe than to define, because it is more is virtual) in the works of Kazakh writers who are source materials of this article. Keywords - Dialogue of cultures, mentalities, national idea, tradition and innovation