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Perception of Bhutanese Employees Towards Labor Unions

Labor unions have played an important role in shaping the workforce and protecting the rights of employee. However, many employees in Bhutan are unaware about labor union and how they can be protected through labor unions. The purpose of this research was 1) to create awareness of unions to Bhutanese employees; 2) to find out why labor unions are not popular in Bhutan; and 3) to understand the disadvantages to Bhutanese employee of poor practice of labor unions. Even though the government of Bhutan has enacted the labor and employment act in 2007, most of the people in Bhutan are still unaware about this law and its benefits. A survey questionnaire was distributed to 104 employees in one of the companies in Bhutan manufacturing polypropylene packaging bags. The results showed that most of the employees neither agree nor disagree regarding the popularity of labor unions in Bhutan. It was concluded that the employees are not aware about the unions and have little knowledge about the existence labor unions in the country. Keywords - Labor Union, Worker Association, Employee, Basic Rights of Employees, Bhutan