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Project of Deinstitutionalization and Differenciation of Educational Forms of Help in Slovenia

Residential care institutions in Slovenia are in the process of deinstitutionalization. The article wishes to offer the reader understanding of the process of deinstitutionalization with parallel theoretical discourses, such as living environment oriented social pedagogical assistance, participation, empowerment, normalization, etc. The focus of the paper is on the evaluation monitoring of new emerging programs such as therapeutic farm, animal therapy, socio-pedagogical family help, one-day and half-day centers, monitored independent youth living housing programs, etc., how they are introduced into the space, how the latter are assessed by teachers, educators, social workers who place children there, their parents and for sure, the children themselves. The results show that the novelties are a matter of uncertainty for some involved, introducing fear of what will happen when the project ends and how the forms of help and their functionality shall horizontally and vertically overlap. On the other hand, the implementation of programs is good, arising satisfaction in children and parents, as well as giving support and indicating a promising change. Index Terms—Children with behavioural and emotional disorders, deinstitucionalization, differenciation, juvenile education institution.