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Removal Of Direct Green 26 Dyefrom Aqueous Solutions Using Eggshell

Biosorption of directgreen 26 dye(DG 26) onto eggshells as a new and potential biosorbent havebeen studied. Batch biosorption studies were conducted to evaluate the effect of various parameters suchas contact time, temperature, pH, initial dye concentration, and biosorbent dosage on theremoval of DG 26. Adsorption isotherm data were fitted to the Freundlich isotherm and the model parameters of the have been determined. The results showed that it took about 30 minutes for the process to reach the equilibrium state. The optimum temperature and pH for removal of DG 26 was 10 and 45ᵒC, respectively. In addition, the effects of dye concentration and adsorbent dosage on the process were discussed. It was concluded that eggshell is potentially a good adsorbent for removal of DG 26 from wastewaters. Keywords - Dye, Removal, Adsorbent, Eggshell