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Contemporary Post-Modernism: Postmodern Features in Post-9/11 Poetry

This article aims to challenge the prevalent assumptions that postmodernism is something completely trivial and that 9/11 engendered the death of it, through analysis of two post-9/11 poems – “High Haunts” by Tish Eastman and “The Dead Have Stopped Running” by Matthew Mason. While the former poem reflects liminality, the latter is in keeping with Jacques Derrida’s critique of binary oppositions and his concept of spectral repetition. This article ultimately communicates the message that the presence of such postmodern features is questionable from the standpoint of the objective truths of the speakers’ perceptions, but not from the standpoint of the emotional truths of those perceptions. Keywords - Binary Opposition, Liminality, Postmodernism, Post-9/11 Poetry, Spectral Repetition.