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Personal Selling and Sales Volume of Village Agricultural Women in Rombo, Moshi Tanzania

As human being advance in technology and marketing, recent promotion requires much more than just possibly producing the goods, pricing such produce and making them available to the potential clients, much more, they must also communicate to present to prospective consumers and the general public. The objective of this study was to assess the impact of personal selling on sales volume of agricultural goods produced by village women in Tanzania. The study used the population of 60 village women in Rombo, Moshi Tanzania who engage in agricultural activities to create a living. Simple random sampling technique was used to establish the model size of 45. Each of the 45 women members were picked randomly to avoid biasness as all women in this village engage in one business for a living which is banana farming. Primary data was collected mainly by interview as many of these women are primary dropouts and lack education. Data was analyzed using frequency tables, charts and graphs. Personal selling was found to be very important way of promotion strategy used by village women in Rombo, Tanzania especially to attract passengers crossing the border of Kenya entering Tanzania for business purpose. Personal selling was found to have influence on sales of agricultural products produced by women in Rombo Moshi, Tanzania. For that reason, business women should focus more on the customer by adopting best personal selling strategies possibly persuasive as a marketing strategy. Keywords - Personal selling, Sale’s person, Agriculture, Rural/village, Sales volume.