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Occupational Health And Safety Facilities And Performance Of Workers In Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Investigation

The aim of this study to find out the relationship between Occupational health and safety facilities (OHSFs) and performance of workers (PW) in a textile manufacturing industry located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The data were collected through surveys and analyzed by using flexible package Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS 20) software. Cronbach’s alpha was used to check the reliability of data. Further details were depicted using descriptive statistics including percentage, mean frequency, standard deviation and in the last inferential statistical tools (simple Regression and Pearson correlation). The result shows that occupational health and safety facilities have a positive relationship with the performance of workers. This illustrates that OHSFs were not properly provided to the workers. The study recommended that there is need to make the better infrastructure of health and safety facilities to improve the performance of workers for future development in Pakistan. Keywords - Occupational Health and Safety, Facilities, Performance of Workers, Empirical study