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Effect Of Cold Plasma Treatment On Yield And Quality Characteristic Of Triticum Aestivum

The world's population will exceed 9 billion by 2050. To meet the future's need for agricultural products, the food production has to be doubled. Seed plasma treatment technology is recognized as a suitable way to improve plant yield. The objective of this paper is to demonstrate whether cold argon plasma can change the quality and quantity of wheat yield. These effects are determined by a randomized complete block design experiment with 3 replications in the cropping seasons 2015-17. Seeds were pre-treated with 50W of cold plasma at four time levels; 60, 120, 180 and 240 seconds. Plasma effect on yield and quality of wheat was determined by measuring chlorophyll content (SPAD), plant photosynthesis and grain yield. Results showed that plasma treatments had positive effects on wheat characteristics, and treatment of 180s had the highest stimulatory effect. In both years, cold plasma increased grain yield at 180s, but decreased it at 240s compared with the control. The results indicated that 180s cold plasma treatment increased the chlorophyll content (SPAD), photosynthesis rate, and grain yield by as much as 23.36%, 37.50%, 35.36%. Keywords - Radio Frequency, Sustainable Agriculture, Non-Thermal Plasma, Plant Physiology, Climate Change.