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Music Academic Administration In Rajabhai Universities In Bangkok

The objectives of the research, entitled music academic administration in Rajabhat universities is: to develop music academic administration in Rajabhat universities in Bangkok by Thai Qualification Framework for higher education. This study is qualitative research by content analysis 6 researches and in-depth interview 4 the head of music departments and 3 dean of the faculties that manage the music departments in 4 Rajabhat universities.The research results are as follows 1) music academic manage under the framework of 6 learning standard of Thai Qualifications Framework and the framework of academic management in each university. 2) The contents of Theories and skills in music must be evaluated as national and international standards. 3) Teaching and learning activities, students focus on the opportunity to develop themselves according to their attitudes and interests. 4) Music curriculum must be consistent with the satisfaction of users and supports the ASEAN community. Keywords- Music, Academic Administration, Thai qualification framework, Rajabhat Universities