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Adoption Innovation Of New Theory Agriculture Become Rumah Cukup (Rucuk) System As The Solution For Strengthening Indonesian Food Sovereignty

Food is a basic human need and the fulfillment is the right of every people. Food sovereignty is an effort to fulfill people's rights for food that is guaranteed in quantity, quality and continuity based on local resources and local wisdom. Indonesian food sovereignty has not established yet, it is evidence from the high value of food imports from other countries, the low local food production and the low guarantee of food quality. Farmers as the main subject of food production are still classified as marginal and have a low level of food independence. Food sovereignty will be achieved if farmers are able to sovereign for food. New Theory Agriculture is the concept of sustainable agriculture in Thailand with the aim of achieving domestic food sovereignty through strengthening the independence of farmers. This concept has succeeded in supporting Thailand in achieving its food sovereignty. Based on those problems, the idea arose to adopt and innovate the concept of New Theory Agriculture become Rumah Cukup system (Rucuk). The Rucuk system divides home land into three main parts with a ratio of 30% for retention ponds, 40% for horticulture and 30% for housing and cage infrastructure, so that the household’s needs for food can be supplied from the land of the house itself. Writing method is descriptive with literature study stages from various references. Rumah Cukup System (Rucuk), a sustainable and integrated system that is considered able to fulfill the people's right for high quality of food and alleviate the independence of farmers based on local wisdom for Indonesian food sovereignty. Keywords - Food Sovereignty, New Theory Agriculture, Rumah Cukup (Rucuk)