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An Assessement Of Awareness And Use Of E-Learning Resources By Secondary School Teachers In The North Eastern State Of Yobe, Nigeria

The research was carried out to assess the level of awareness and use of e-learning resources by secondary school teachers in Yobe state. The study adopted a survey method. A total of two hundred and forty (240) respondents were selected from two secondary schools in each of the three geo-political zones in the state. A self-developed questionnaire was used to obtain response from the respondents. Three research assistants domiciled in each of the zones were used in the issuance and collection of the questionnaires. The result of the study showed that a number of the teachers are not computer literate and are not aware of e-learning resources. The few who are aware and could access e- learning resources are confronted with problems such as lack of internet facilities, poor network, and high cost of e-learning facilities The study recommended the installation of internet facilities in in secondary schools, provision of e-libraries, creation of awareness about e-learning resources and compulsory training of teachers in computer literacy. Key Words- Internet, E-learning resources, Teacher, Curriculum delivery, ICT, Nigeria