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Evaluating The Impacts of Waste and Development on Organizational Performance for Small to Medium Enterprises in Manufacturing

Nowadays Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are required to compete in turbulent markets. A necessary condition to achieve high performance standards is being able to effectively measure and to monitor company’s performance. The purpose of this investigation is to understand the relationships that exist between different factors of performance measurement that lead to operational and business sustainability performance. Therefore, in this investigation, a model is been formed to represents an original attemptthat the criteria for performance measurement was broken down into more practical practices with holistically view that can be used to reasonably evaluate the performances of SME’s. The presented framework attempts to recognize existing activities as well as their influence on performance measurement, and it is developed upon four basic constructs: production, delivery, customer service and leadership, which are further associated with manufacturing SME’s i.e. quality, cost, delivery and agility. In addition.The study examines the performance of tenSME’s within the UK context.A questionnaire survey was conducted in manufacturing sector including 100 valid questionnaires were analyzed by using SPSS (V.23). In this study, it is considered to find the relationship between the key factors (such as waste and development) that have investigated by other researchers with new an approach. Finally, this paper presents a conceptual framework and analysis process to development a performance measurement model for SMEs’ sustainability. Keywords - Performance measures, Small to Medium-sized Enterprises, sustainability, key performance indicators