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Impact of Premixed Flame Properties of (CH4, C3H8, and C4H10) in Tubular Burner

In the present research, the propagation properties of premixed flame propagation at high stability has been investigated using three types of hydrocarbon fuels (CH4, C3H8, and C4H10) in a tubular burner. Experimental work has been carried out for laminar fuel-air mixture. Bunson burner methods were introduced for designing and manufacturing of integrated combustion system to get a wide range of equivalence ratio introducing all the reactance in combustion process, computed and increase the range efficiency of combustion stability to (ζs=9.45%), reducing losses in dead space zone, reducing emissions products by reducing the emission of (NOX,CO). The laminar burning velocity has been computed using two techniques based on flame frontal surface area and angle of frame front with aid of data image of flame front at atmosphere pressure and Tu=303K for a range of equivalence ratio (0.65< Φ <1.55). Comparison of results with previous literature showed good agreement with the present work. Index Terms - Premixed Bunson burner, Premixed flame, Burning velocity.