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Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition Model in Writing Skill for students

The purpose of this study is to improve the writing skillat the 4th grade students of public primary school 87 in Manado by implementCooperative Integrated Reading And Composition (CIRC) Model. The findings at the beginning observation in writing skill tothis class is among the 23 students, 15 of them got a very difficult to rewrite what the story they have already read, while 8 of them can but it was not good enough. The ability of writing skill is under average because they rare to read books and to rewrite what they have read. This is what the teacher and some of the students inform by having the short interview. The effect is the objectives of instruction could not be reached maximally. This study is used classroom action research with the four steps: planning, action, observation, and reflection. It has done in two cycleses and every step has its own activities to support the students in learning for having the best result in this study. Data is collected by observe the teaching and learning process of writing with applying the syntax of the model of instruction. The result of this study shows that the implementation of CIRC modelimprove the skill of writing skill of the 4thgrade students. The result at the first cycle is 63.83%, and the second cyclus is 80.57%. Based on the result of this study it concludesThe implementation of CIRC model in canimprove the writing skill of the 4th grade studentsat public primary school 87 Manado as well as gives high motivation to the students in group learning actively and enjoyable. The suggestion is that the teacher should use CIRC Model in teaching Indonesia language to improve the writing skill of the primary school students. Keywords - Cooperative Integrated Reading And Composition; writing skill