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New Innovations in Internet of NANO Things for Smart Agriculture

The current 7.3 billion world population is estimated to increase to over 9.7 billion in 2050 according to the a new study by UN DESA report [1]. The existing modern farming science and technology will not be able to help produce adequate food for the future population unless ground breaking innovations occur stealthily over time. Some new innovations will bring changes in incremental manner to escalate the farm production in order to feed large masses. Fortunately, internet of nano things (IONT) is one facet of many efforts needed is beginning to open-up its domain in the field of agriculture with greater confidence. This paper presents some of the results obtained during the application of nanomaterials for antimicrobial, anti-oxidation and use of high enthalpy steam treatment on soils for improvement of the farm yield. In addition the paper presents some of the recent innovations in nanomaterials leading to internet of Nano Things (IONT) towards smart agriculture. The likely challenges and solutions to overcome them are also briefly presented. Key words - Internet of nano things, smart agriculture, nanoparticles, soil.