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A Research on The Tendency of Re-Migration to Rural Area: A Case Study of karatay District in Konya Province (Turkey)

Migration from villages to cities is an extremely important factor in terms of social, cultural and economic development of the countries, which significantly affects the agricultural sector. On the other hand, the migration and population growth have begun to restrict the living areas in the cities, and it is seen that people tend to re-migrate to the villages. Within this scope, it was aimed to determine the factors affecting people to migrate, the tendency to re-migrate to village.In the study, people who had spent their previous life in the villages and had a tie (house, land etc.) with their village were taken into consideration. The population interval was enlarged in order to reach the example according to the desired interval, assuming that all the people living in the city did not have villages, and Karatay district of Konya province was determined as the research area. In the study, the criterion of “having been migrated from village to city” was taken into consideration. Sample number was calculated as 60 surveys.According to the results of the research, these households earned income from farming before migratingto the city.The most important factors of coming to the city were financial difficulties, childrens’ education and unemployment.The most important feature of the examined households is that they have been continued on agricultural activities by going to their villages. Raising the welfare and providing the livability of the rural areas which are the source of agricultural sector indispensable for county’s economy,return to rural areas from urban areaswill make possible. Key words - Rural Migration, Sustainability, Development, Agriculture.