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Justification for Developing A Bachelor of Manufacturing Technology Program

Top industries impacting Ohio and East Central Indiana’s economies are 1) agriculture; 2) manufacturing; 3) IT; and 4) service. Without continuation of agriculture and manufacturing receipts, our people and communities will be unable to afford to critical services throughout our region[1-7]. Collaboration and articulation agreements between Wright State University-Lake Campus (WSU-LC), the State of Ohio and our bordering Indiana counties have ensured local agricultural students will have the opportunity to increase skill sets as necessitated by regulations and agricultural innovations. Manufacturing has an equal, if not greater, need for increased manufacturing skill sets. As a regional college campus in the University System of Ohio, we propose to create a Bachelor Degree in Applied Manufacturing Science (BAMS). The curriculum developed will provide a solid core of foundational coursework complemented by applied technical courses industrial manufacturing disciplines. The technical courses will focus on the practical application of manufacturing knowledge and include the basics of applied mathematics, manufacturing safety, and understanding manufacturing symbols and blueprints. Advanced skills will include mastering basic electrical through automation systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, additive and subtractive manufacturing processes, including CNC mill and lathes, machining, welding and 3D printing. Other coursework will include management theory.