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Sangbay: Performing Art of The Sama and Tausug

Sangbay is a performing art of the Sama and Tausug. These are two tribes predominantly found in Tawi-Tawi and Sulu , Philippines. Sangbayis an entertainment full of frolics , merriments and a way of life in itself, because it brings peace, contentment , happiness and unity among these tribes.. This study aimed to identify and analyze the meaning , functions, world views, and implications of Sangbay and how Sangbay as a performing art has improved the life of the Sama and Tausug in contemporary society.A descriptive -qualitative design was utilized and conducted in 15 municipalities with 5 informants from each municipality who served as source of data using structured questionnaire and interview as instrument . The researcher went to the 15 municipalities to gather the data and were treated in matrix format. Based on the data gathered, the study revealed thatSangbay is a two participant performing art of a dancer and a singer. The dancer is usually a female dancingto the melodious song of the singer who is usually a male describing the appearance, movements, behavior and beauty of the dancer. The focus of attention is in the expertise of the dancer to show her skill in dancing and the expertise of the singer to weave words, phrases, sentences and all figurative speeches and languages in rhythmic pattern to achieve cadences of the cultural songs. It was also found out that Sangbayis performed during wedding celebration, graduation party, family reunion and other social gatherings. Based from the findings , the researcher concluded that Sangbay is truly a cultural trait of the Samaand Tausug that serves as a sign and symbol of unified cultural values inherent in themselves. It is further concluded that Sangbay reinforces energy and stamina to theSama and Tausug to build their dreams and hopes as tribes for prosperity, recognition and identity. As such, it is hereby recommended that more studies be conducted on folk literatures of the Sama and Tausug. Also, this performing art should be preserved, safeguarded and documented as well as be included in the physical education of the elementary, secondary and collegiate levels in Tawi-Tawi. Key words - Sangbay, performing art, dancer, singer, cultural values, folk literature, cultural song.