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The Role Investment, Growth, Size to Company Performance: Evidence in Indonesia

The size and level of sales growth contribute greatly and is critical in improving innovative company performance. Unpredictable global markets, making the company's competition grow violently. The influence of competitive markets has evolved to make the product and technology life cycle shorter. For that the company must adopt innovative strategies with investments that produce product innovation in a competitive market. This research aims to fill the big gap by testing the role of investment, sales growth rate, company size on company performance. The study offers a solution, by developing a synthesis of variable sales growth rates to mediate the effect of investment and firm performance by using samples from 194 manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2010-2016. The test results found that the sales growth rate was able to mediate the influence of investment and firm performance. Keywords - Investment, Growth Rate of Sales, Firm Performance. JEL Classification - G32; L25