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Internal Surface Modification Of Additively Manufactured Components Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation And Abrasive Particles

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) techniques, despite their advancements have poor as-built surface quality. Irregularities present in the surface of an AM component makes them undesirable for functional performance before undergoing a post finishing process. This study investigates hydrodynamic flow at its cavitating conditions to be a potential post finishing process for AM components. Components built from Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technique are post processed using hydrodynamic cavitation flow along with addition of abrasive media and the improvements achieved in the surface are discussed. The primary mechanisms involved in the developed Hydrodynamic Cavitation Abrasive Finishing(HCAF) process are discussed. Improvements achieved in the surface quality are also discussed based on qualitative and quantitative analysis. Keywords - Internal surface modification, Hydrodynamic cavitation, Cavitation surface modification, Post processing of AM components