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Kinship in The Filipino Hospitality Workplace: A Mixed Methods Study

The researcher aims to explore the existence of familial kinship in the hospitality workplace setting, identify service touch points exhibiting kinship and describe perceived kinship in the workplace from Filipino hotelier's perspective. Extensive literature has been examined in the course of the study establishing the linkages for the research purpose. Familial kinship when utilized as leverage for extending quality in the hospitality setting would foster and strengthen internal work synergy. The said study would provide a benchmark for other hotel management organizations in the Philippines to improve their daily operations whilst maintaining the cultural identity of the Filipino. Qualitative and quantitative methods were utilized in gathering the data with the questionnaires. Analysis of the data was through comparison of the front and back of the house, marital status, employment status and rank. The study confirms the premise that job status, rank and designation does not have an influence on individual culture. Individual culture is affirmatively contributing to organizational culture where kinship as the mediating factor that influences work place culture which confirms the assumption that, Filipino work place kinship is essential to service quality.