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Multicultural Education in Textbooks of Iran’s Primary Education

The purpose of present research is to study multicultural education in the content of textbooks of primary education in Iran. This research has been qualitative and has used qualitative content analysis method with conventional (inductive) approach. Purposive sampling method was used. The sample consisted of Persian (Farsi), social studies and Heaven gifts textbooks of all grades of primary education. Here, analysis measure is content and image, and context measure is textbook. In this research, 9 categories were extracted including the history and identity of ethnoses, the introduction of different cultures, introduction of cultural heritage, introducing celebrities, reflection of dressing style of ethnoses, introducing and paying attention to the languages of Iranian ethnoses, religious pluralism, introduction of celebrations, festivals and religious rituals of the ethnoses, and cultural traditions of ethnoses. Qualitative content analysis of textbooks showed that only the trace of dominant culture is in textbooks. The education system seeks the implementation of a cultural assimilation model that leads to the destruction of languages and cultures of the Iranian ethnoses. Keywords - Textbooks, Primary Education, Multicultural Education.