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Design of Rain Sensor Alarm System

The average annual rainfall in India is 300-650 millimeters. The impact of which is observed in the industrial sector, agricultural area, and our daily lives. To avoid the last moment chaos of saving everything that could be damaged, the idea of rain sensor is proposed. It's basically a switching device, it senses water and signals the device connected. The basic principle of a rain sensor is complete internal reflection. The main motives are conservation and protection. Any system that gets affected due to rain can be automatically shut down and where the interiors have to be protected it works as a life saver. Other than rainfall it can be used as a water sensor in many places like machines, basement and so on. So the device detects and adjusts in time. Even the smallest drops of water can complete the circuit and trigger the buzzer and the alarm will go off. It is a battery-powered device which combines a sensor, buzzer, microcontroller, transistors, diode and other components in the circuitry. Keywords - Rain Water, Rain Sensor, Buzzer, Microcontroller, Transistors