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Garment Productivity Improvement: Implementing Lean Manufacturing Tool As A Strategy for Improvement

This study is focused on apply lean tools for improving manufacturing process with standardization of process cycle time and waste reduction. Self-customized questionnaires, time study forms and 5S checklists are used in information gathering and computation. Unnecessary transportation and movement were observed as non-value added activities and defects also found due to poor 5S practice. Lack of standard operation time or any other lean tools are found. After implementation of lean tools like cycle time analysis and operation bulletin, the standard time for every process was determined and the non-value added activities were also reduced thus, the productivity improved. The lean implementation results in efficiency increase and reduce rejection rate. Applying lean tools brought remarkable changes in process flow and productive and efficient operations, which allows focusing on the customers demand, delivering quality products at the right time. Keyword- Lean Manufacturing, 5S, Productivity, Time Study