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The Effect of Mind Map Technique on Students’ Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension skill was not merely a simple skill as many English teachers perceived. Answering questions after reading a text was a common practice in the teaching and learning process of reading comprehension skill. This research study was carried out to describe the students’ reading comprehension before and after the exposure to mind mapping technique. Furthermore, this research study examined whether there was a significant effect of mind mapping technique on students’ reading comprehension. The population of this study was seventh grade students (N=262) at a school in Kendari, Indonesia. Two homogenous classes were taken purposively as samples based on their achievements on the previous semester. One class was determined as experimental group and the other class was determined as control group (30 students in each group). This quasi-experimental design was used as the design of this study in the form of pretest-post-test control groups. The data were analyzed by means of frequency, descriptive and inferential statistics analyses. There was a significant effect of mind mapping technique on the students’ reading comprehension. The effects of mind mapping techniques on students’ creative thinking and solving learning problems skills were suggested for further research. Keywords - Mind-mapping, Reading Comprehension, Quasi-experimental design