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Cyberbullying Among Secondary School Teachers-Parents

The Internet is a place where almost any kind of information is shared freely and where there are no physical constraints. In recent years, the use of the Internet and the need for communication and information sharing over the Internet has increased. These development shave resulted as the founding and using of new communication platforms on the Internet. Young generations, whoaregrowing in terms of numbersamong internet users, areexposedto a number of risks and threats while using these media. One of those risks is cyber bullying which is known as violence on the Internet. Cyberbullying which is a dimension of peerbullying takes places through electronic communication technologies. Cyberbullying can occur in any environment regardless of the time and place. Cyberbullying is the way in which individuals with high erability to use information and communication technologies use these technologies to lead other individuals in a series of negative behaviors over time. With the rapid development of technology and the ease with which internet access become seasierandc heaper, it becomes a problem that needs to be studied more and more importantly day by day. Especially social networks are a very suitable environment to apply an dact on cyberbullying behaviors according to their structure and characteristics. Facebook twitter and Whatssup, the most widely used social network today, has the potential to become the most common place for cyberbullying behaviors. There fore, thisstudywithsecondaryschoolteachersandparentsshowsthatthecases of being a victim of cyberbullyingandcyberbullying on Facebook twitter and Whatssup according to sex, class, age, daily internet usage, how they differed according to their use of social networks. The sample of the study is 179 parents and 81 teachers located in Bursa in these condterm of 2016-2017 academic year. The study is designed both with qualitative and quantative data collection methods. The collected data were analyzed by Mann-Whitney U, Kruskal Wallis, Pearson Correlation and content analysis. Keywords - Cyberbullying, secondaryschoolteachers, parents, victim,