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A Geospatial Decision Support System For Paprikca Greenhouse Farmers Using Open Source Climate Data In South Korea

The recent global issue of climate change poses new challenges to agriculture in South Korea, which has risen attention of Geospatial Decision Support System (GDSS). The most fundamental decision making in agriculture is the selection of crops and locations. Unlike other industries, agriculture is heavily dependent on natural environment. Climate is one of the most important parameters. The main purpose of this research is to determine geographical characteristics and the status of the cultivation of the paprika in South Korea using open source climatic data and to analyze the areas suitable for cultivation according to the type of cultivation for geospatial decision support. The process of this study can be divided into two parts; 1) data collection and spatial DB management, and 2) suitability analysis of paprika farms. Results of spatial interpolation and overlay analysis with GIS were produced and the issues of GDSS and Precision Agriculture (PA) in South Korea were discussed. Keywords - Precision Agriculture (PA), Geospatial Decision Support System (GDSS), Climate Data, Open Source Data, Paprika.