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Internationalization of Thai State: A Case Study of the Developmentof Thailand’s Banknotesfrom1900s to 1960s

This study offers an historical overview of the development of Thai banknotes from 1900s to 1960s. Generally, although banknotes and their design will play a crucial role in creating national identity, pushed forward by State. However, in the case of Thailand, Its banknotes reflect that there are many limitations made Thai state could not impel profoundly its own ideology.Because the knowledge about the banknote printing was quite new for them. It was necessary for Thai state to depend on the foreign banknote printer, mostly the Thomas de la Rue company. However, Thai state established its own printing work of Bank of Thailand in 1969, it could design the banknote by itself. Albeit, Thai state still did not act independently under international norms. Index Terms - Banknote iconography, Ideological transformation, Internationalization of state, Thailand.