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Design and CFD Simulation to Improvement of Solar Chimney Efficiency to Generate Power in Desert Areas

One of the major problems of villages in desert areas, is providing electricity, Because of high solar radiation in these areas, using solar energy, especially solar chimneys as a power tool for energy generation is important. Due to the low cost of manufacturing a 100-meters solar chimney, in this research, methods of enhancing solar chimney efficiency such as increasing collector diameter, Windcatcher and chimney combination and multi-channelization of solar chimneys has investigated. At first, 100-meter industrial scale validation was carried out with articles and available experimental data and results of simulation were consistent with experimental data and articles. The simulation results showed that the formation of hole in the chimney is the most effective method and the closer the hole to the collector and the more diameter of this hole, more velocity in the collector will be the result and for the simulation accomplished, velocity reached from 10 to 13.5 m/s. besides,multi-channelization reduce the velocity due to generation of friction and impediment in the flow. Also, results showed that increasing collector diameter is an effective parameter for increasing efficiency of chimney. Index Terms - Solar Chimney, Power Generation, Windcatcher, Desert, Increasing Efficiency