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Factors Affecting the Use of Moodle System Among Students in Dhofar University

This study presents the initial investigation on the factors: perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, satisfaction and trust that affect the use of Moodle system at Dhofar University. E-questionnaire was designed and distributed via WhatsApp and Instagram application to students from all 3 colleges in the university. 209 students responded to the e-questionnaire. Study indicates that all of the factors under studied are important if the university would like the students to use the Moodle system developed by the university. Besides that, the study suggests that the learning materials should be of quality to attract students into using the system. In additional, trust is shown to be positive moderately related to use of the Moodle system among DU students. As such, more studies are called upon on upgrading of the of the usage of E-learning system such as Moodle system to improve the quality of the teaching and learning in universities. Keywords - Moodle System, University, Use, TAM, E-Learning.