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Intercultural Management: Theories, Tools And Factors Of Success

As part of the internationalization process, most multinational firms are discovering the importance of organizational culture that facilitates the integration of entities that can create a strong identity; so particular attention was paid to the development of intercultural competencies. It is important to identify the factors that may contribute to the success of cross-border mergers. The specifics of intercultural management and concepts of national culture and organizational culture, and identifying the effective style of negotiations for each type of cooperation, are the key to success in intercultural management. The problem of inter-organizational relations in an international context appears in fact one of the main concerns of business leaders facing the diversity of cultures. This activity involved the current business activities, the establishment of transnational joint or the external growth strategies. The development of the company now requires proximity and close collaboration with economic actors of different nationalities, and this is why understanding the crucial elements of intercultural management leads to a successful collaboration. Index terms - Intercultural Management, International Collaborations, International Negotiation, International Relations.