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The Inspiration in Cultural Tourism Creating Form Having Regional Thai Food

The objective of the research is to study the inspiration in cultural tourism creating from having regional Thai food. The results of the study are in the following: from 400 respondents, most of them are females than males. For monthly in come 29.5 percent earn more than 15,000 bath, 26 percent earn between 5,001-10,000 bath, 25.5 percent earn lass than 5,000 bath and the last ones 19 percent earn between 10,001-15,000 bath. For educational level 71.6 percent have bachelor’s degree, 22 percent have education lower than bachelor’s degree,3.8 percent have master’s degree and the last ones, 2.6 percent have Ph.D. degree. The detailed results of the study can be described like these. The most level of aspiration to have regional Thai food is a local identity taste (4.240). Followed by very good level aspiration respectively: the reputation of Thai food in the area of tourism attractions (4.092). the places and the environment of cultural tourism (4.045), the reputation of Thai restaurants (4.040), the service providers and the atmosphere of cultural tourism of places (3.995), the location of Thai restaurants near the cultural attractions (3.807), the utensils and equipment using in the restaurants shoeing cultural attractions (3.770) and the perception of cultural tourism information through social media online (3.722). The last two results of the study with moderate level of aspiration are the policy of the government to promote cultural tourism (3.400) and the products and souvenirs that look like Thai food selt in cultural attractions (3.367). The results mentioned above are significant factors of the aspiration in cultural tourism creation from having regional Thai food. Index Terms - Cultural tourism, Inspiration, Local, Thai food.