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Retraining As A Chance To Succeed In The Labour Market

The article deals with the possibility of completing retraining courses and a consequent greater chance of succeeding in the labour market within the development of a region. Through the questionnaire survey, the public's views on retraining courses were obtained. The data obtained was the basis for quantitative research. The method of semi-structured interviews with the participants of a relevant retraining course was chosen to obtain information for qualitative research. The range of questions identified the state of employment before retraining, the perceived quality of the education course and its subsequent impact on the labour market, including the identification of the employment priority in the monitored region. The proposal for the possibility to apply lifelong learning is to change the system of monitoring the effectiveness of retraining courses and the related established records, thereby increasing the success of the placement in the labour market in the given field. Index Terms- Adult education; employment; employment policy; lifelong learning; unemployment; region; retraining.