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Practice of Social Networking Technologies in Jazan University, KSA: A Survey

Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's has been implemented an innovative vision and procedures for the enhancement of Saudi Arabia by vision 2030 in education and economic matters. Advanced education intellects and enumerate the plans to connect the world classes and be globalized. Investigating the utilization of Social Networking Technologies (SNTs) has been started in numerous Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), for example, educational blogs, wikis for community oriented substance formation and podcasting for visual and record of educational components in education activities, it is slight appropriation and utilization of SNTs in the perspective to the Kingdom's institutions of higher education. The foremost objective of this research work is to explore the practice of SNTs within Jazan University during teaching, learning and research by the help of existing instructors' and students' frameworks, attitudes and prospects. Index Terms - E-Learning, social networking technologies, collaborative learning, higher education institution.