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Knowledge Management Capability, Trust, and Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Emerging Economies

Few studies investigated the Knowledge Management Capability (KMC) in emerging economies. This paper investigates the effect of KMC on the organizational performance (OP) of manufacturing public listed companies (PLCs) in Malaysia. It also tests the mediating effect of trust between KMC and OP. Data was collected from 98 senior executive top management of Malaysian PLCs. Using the Partial Least Square (PLS); the finding indicates that KMC has a significant effect on OP of Malaysian manufacturing PLCs. Its knowledge sharing component is the most significant followed by knowledge acquisition and utilization. Trust has a partial mediating role between KMC and OP. To increase the role of trust, managers are advised to link the KMC process to the Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Keywords- Knowledge Management Capabilities, Knowledge Sharing, Trust, Organizational Performance, Manufacturing Sector