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Overlapped and Shadowed Tree Crown Segmentation Based on HSI Color Model and Watershed Algorithm

Image provides valuable information to the human and this information could be used to take an effective decision such as information that comes from satellite sensors. Satellite images let the human to gain the information from the ground for a very wide area. The negative side of satellite images is the resolution still having low quality. Satellite image plays a vital role in many areas of our live, especially agriculture, where the human can calculate the crown of the tree for a very wide area in a very short time. The counting of the tree will not be accurate without getting good segmentation of these crowns. This work has applied segmentation algorithm to separate crown of coconut palm tree from shadow and the overlapped crown as well. The algorithm has exploited a HSI color model to differentiate the color of crown from the color of shadow. The result of using HIS color feature gives an impressive outcome. After crown detection the algorithm used morphological operation such as image filling to enhance the crown. The following step is removing noise or pixels which considered unwanted objects. Finally, the image was segmented using watershed after applying distance transform on the image. Since this research does not have ground information to measure the accuracy, the evaluation has been done manually, where the crown has been counted manually and calculated the accuracy of this work which is 73%. Keywords - Image Processing, Image Segmentation, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, Watershed Algorithm, Satellite Images.