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Flipping The Classroom With Game

The rapid development and popularity of information technology have allowed for more possibilities for teaching and learning (T&L). For instance, e-learning and flipped classroom restructures the traditional way of T&L by using the class time for learning activities with more interactive and engaging elements. The experiment presented in this paper was a successful example of incorporating educational game in the flipped classroom setting. Students first learnt the class material on their own by watching video clips and notes, and during the class they were engaged in an online, interactive simulation game. The game not only helped them to understand more deeply the material, but also provided them with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and gain first-hand experience. Students’ feedback was very positive, in terms of their views on both the educational and motivational values of the game. We hope that the experiment can shed light on the further development of educational games and flipped classroom strategy. Index Terms— E-Learning, Flipped Classroom, Educational Game