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Approach Of Sustainable Development For Quality Of Life Follow By The Philosophy Of Sufficiency Economy A Case In Organic Agriculturists In Chiang Mai, Thailand

This research “Approach of Sustainable Development for Quality of Life follow by The Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy - a case in Organic Agriculturists in Chiang Mai, Thailand ” aims to compare quality of life between chemical agriculturists and organic agriculturists in Chiang Mai province, to search for sustainable development through organic agriculture in accordance with sustainable development of agriculturist’ s quality of life follow by the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Mixed Research method was adopted in the research including both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Data was collected from related documents and in-depth interviews from important interviewees who were organic scholars, organic agriculturists, and organic agriculturist groups, communication, including collection of data from questionnaires answered by both chemical agriculturists and organic agriculturists. The questionnaire, contains information that is a key component of the four research areas. Part 1 is personal Information. Part 2 is information on quality of life.. Part 3 is information on attitudes toward chemical agriculture. Part 2 and 3 apply the llikert scale rating scale from 1 to 10. Section 4 Information on Comments and Suggestions. The question is open end. The results of the research showed that every aspect of quality of life of organic agriculturists is better than chemical agriculturists, including economy, hygiene, education, society, and environment. This is consistent with quantitative analysis.The approaches of sustainable development for quality of life by organic agriculture include 3 main approaches: (1) approach of sustainable development for quality of life follow by the philosophy of sufficiency economy by organic agriculture in the level of self-sustainability; (2) in the level of grouping; (3) in the level of net-working. These approaches are in accordance with the philosophy of sufficiency economy and sustainable development. Index Terms— Quality of Life, Sustainable Development, Organic Agriculture, The Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy