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The Role of Money Deposit Banks In Financing Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria

The study examines the role of deposit money banks (DMBs) in financing SMEs in Nigeria, The objectives of the study are to assess the impact of poor financial support, business environment and managerial skills on the growth and survival of SMEs in Nigeria, Secondary data were extracted and entered into the data view and analyzed thereafter. Record on financial support, business environment, and managerial skills were extracted and analyzed using the linear regression analysis and the multiple regression analysis for the purpose of testing the hypotheses. As for the primary data analysis, the univariate analysis technique was used to obtain the mean and standard deviation to see the level of inclination to the scale. The study recommends that Government should as matter of urgency assist prospective SMEs to have access to finance and necessary information relating to business opportunities, modern technology, raw materials, market, plant and machinery which would enable them to reduce their operating costs and be more efficient to meet the market competitions, That the government should endeavour to create an enabling environment that would be truly conducive for SMEs to thrive without engaging in any act of fraudulent practices. Finally, a system of technical skills and entrepreneurship training should be developed by the Government and the private sector for the operators of SMEs, so that they can improve on product quality, upgrade their operations to international standard and attract investment for expansion. Keywordsó Business Environment, Deposit Money Banks, Financial Support, Growth and Survival, Managerial Skills.