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An Empirical Analysis on Impact of Capital Market Performance Indicators on Economic Growth; The Nigerian Perspective

The study was conducted on the empirical analysis on impact of capital market performance indicators on economic growth; the Nigerian perspective. The main objectives of the study is to examine the impact of the capital market performance indicators (MACP,VAT) on the economic growth and also to examine their individual impact on economic growth. The research is quantitative research which made used of secondary data from report of SEC, NSE, CBN and NBS for the period 2005 -2014. The findings of the study showed that, the capital market performance indicators impacted insignificantly on GDP which is the proxy of economic growth using SPSS’s regression analysis. It is recommended that, companies in Nigeria shall be encourage to raise funds from the Nigerian capital which if properly used will increase GDP among others. Keywords— Capital Market, Capital Market Performance Indicators and Economic Growth.