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Relationship Between Measures Of Satisfaction, Loyalty, And Service Quality Of Spectators In Sport Events

This paper attempts to study the relationship between service quality, expectation, and fan loyalty in soccer spectators. The relationships between these three constructs were examined first and to examine the importance of two independent variables, service quality and expectation, to predict fan loyalty, as a criterion variable, served a second major objective of this study. The population consisted of all spectators who were loyal to their soccer sport club. A total of 700 of loyal spectators through a convenience sampling served as a sample of this study. Three questionnaires were used to investigate their attitudes toward service quality, expectation and their loyalty toward their soccer sport club. Pearson correlation was used to analyze the simple relationships between the intended variables. Regression coefficient was used to test which variable could predict fan loyalty. Based on the findings, it was found that spectator perceptions of loyalty are closely related to their perceptions service quality offered by the soccer sport club managers. Service quality and expectation explained overall 66 percent of common variance of fan loyalty to their soccer sport club. Therefore, it is recommended that the managers pay much more attention to the importance of high service quality in order to satisfy and improve the loyalty of their spectators. Keywordsó Service Quality, Expectation, Loyalty, Sport Event.