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A Study On The Cognitive Differences Of Overseas Chinese On The Workshop Instruction Of "Square Dance"

As one of the series of events for promoting and spreading traditional Chinese culture launched by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the “square dance” workshop under the “Culture China - Chinese Talents of Overseas Chinese” program plays an important role in promoting the overseas spread of Chinese traditional dance. To intensify the teaching activities for the workshop, the present study probes into the cognitive differences of overseas Chinese on the workshop instruction of "square dance” through empirical research to improve the teaching quality and serve the overseas Chinese in a more favorable fashion. According to research findings, there are significant differences in the cognition of "square dance" teaching among the overseas Chinese depending on region, professional background, overseas occupation, and training frequency; overseas Chinese normally know more deeply about the teaching content reflecting the traditional Chinese culture, which demonstrates their love for Chinese traditional culture; since culture is an important link between them and their (ancestral) native country, the research findings can be used as a reference for the subsequent workshop. Keywords - Overseas Chinese; Square Dance; Instructional Evaluation; Cognitive Difference