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The Impact Of Counseling Using "Komandan H" Educational Game Through Gadgets To Children’s Knowledge And Interest Of Herbal Medicine For Diarrhea At 02 Tegal Gede Elementary School, Sumbersari District, Jember Regency, Indonesia

Diarrheastill becomesone cause of children mortality and morbidity in Indonesia. Jember is one of regency in Indonesia with the third highest diarrhea cases in East Java and it becomes thethird place of the most dominantly occurring diseases in Jember. Most cases of diarrheaoccurs in elementary school. One of alternative treatment for diarrhea is herbal medicine because easy to obtain, relatively inexpensive, and it can be used as an initial treatment and additional medicine to reduce the severity of diarrhea complications. Indonesiahas many herbal plants but children have lack of knowledge and interest in diarrhea and herbal medicines as a treatment of diarrhea.As such, by educating children through electronic educational game about diarrhea, its prevention, and treatment can increase their knowledge and interest. “Komandan H” educational game makes children not only playing games but also learning and stimulating their sense of sight and hearing.This research used an observational design with quasi-experimental studies without a control group. The data from this research is primary data by filling questionnaire pretest and postest that had been examined by validity and reability test. The samples are 60 students in TegalGedesubdistrict, Sumbersari district, Jember regency, Indonesia that had been calculated with Slovin formula with error rate of 10%. The data of was analyzed using SPSS version 23.0 using kolmogorovsmirnov test to know normality of distribution data. Kolmogorov smirnov test result is normal distribution, obtained significance p = 0.409 (p> 0.05). The knowledge was analyzed using paired samples test. Mean knowledge about diarrhea increased from 48.33 at pretestbecoming 76.67 at posttest and significancy p = 0,000. The interest was analyzed using Wilcoxon Signed Ranks and obtained significance p=0,006 (p<0,05). Therefore, this study proves that “Komandan H” educational game can significantly increase children’sknowledge and interest of diarrhea. “Komandan H” educational game has been proven effective (N-gain value 0,55) as a counselling media to children because this game is interesting and fun so children can receive information easily.It is suggested to applied in children as learning media in school. Keywords - Diarrhea, Educational Game, Herbal Medicine, Komandan H.