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The Reality of the School's Treatment with Diabetic Students (A Case Study)

Diabetes is a major, prevalent health dilemma in Kuwait. Therefore, this study strives to identify the reality of the school's treatment of diabetic students, at "Al Sabahiya intermediate girls' school", which is an affiliate of Al Ahmadi educational district. Adopting the qualitative case study principle, the study revolves around two questions, which are: • What is the extent of the school's awareness of the manner of dealing with diabetic students? Interviews were conducted with a (controlled) focused sample of (65) teachers, in order to identify the extent of their knowledge and perception of diabetes. As well, an open interview was conducted (semi-controlled) with ten teachers, the social care specialist, and the school nurse. • Second question: What are the procedures in place by the school for dealing with diabetic students? To address this question, two students were monitored in the class, the School clinic, and the School canteen, In addition to (semi-controlled) interviews with ten teachers of the school, as well as the social care specialist, the nurse, and two diabetic students. The conclusions of the study, made evident the poor and scarce information of the school's teachers about diabetes, as they do not possess a clear and defined perception of the disease, and are not able to differentiate between the increase and decrease of sugar levels in the blood. In relevance to the procedures adopted by the school, it is concluded that they are weak and extremely limited. This deficiency is a result of their lack of knowledge and awareness pertaining to the disease. Index terms - Diabetes, Procedures ,Glucose.