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Mount Merapi Bentonite, Chitosan and Eichhornia Crassipes Cellulose Composite : Ftir Characteristic and Isotherm Adsorpstion Study for Lead Ion Removal in Waste Water Solution

Removing lead ion in aqueous solution using Mount Merapi bentonite, cellulose Eichhornia crassipes cellulose and chitosan was done succesfully. Before to adsorption process, composites were activated by H2SO4. Adsorbents made in various compotition in bentonite, Eichhornia crassipes leaves and chitosan. Adsorbents then used to remove Pb ion in aqueous solution. The results showed that the highest adsorption capacity was found in H adsorbent that was 8,285 mg/g at 300 ppm initial concentration. Freundlich model fit the adsorption isotherms of all adsorbents. Keywords - Lead Removal, Bentonite, Chitosan, Eichhornia Crassipes Cellulose