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What is Wrong with The Modern Western Welfare States?

Most of modern western welfare states are suffering, at the last two decades, from the same problems: Citizens are not satisfied from national welfare public goods and are complaining about the under covering and the law level of them; The money funds that were established and managed by National Insurance Companies declared they do not being able to keep on the present level of national security payments.Both sides of the problem are to be connected to some (good) changes time has created in the spoken societies. Such as: longer life expectation, rising of life standards, bigger share of free income etc. In some of the countries steps were taken: national public services were private; social laws were changed (or reformed) and the payments burden on citizens was increased. This paper will deal with the differences such changes could have made. It will explain what kind of influences such movements can create. Key words - Welfare State, Public Goods, National Insurance companies