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Designing Curriculum For Cybersecurity Risk Management Training Based On Nice Framework At Education And Training Center National Cyber And Crypto Agency, Indonesia

In this information era, cyber world become large-scale use, but new cyber threats and attacks are emerging faster, these threats can cause harm to the organization in various aspects, in terms of administration and even on organizational stability, putting organization on the position where improved cybersecurity should be a high priority. Cyberrisk management has become a fundamental component the application of cybersecurity. NICE Framework provide a fundamental reference resource and information about cybersecurity, its help organizations to implement in different aspects of cybersecurity workforce development, planning, training and education. Education and Training Center can design Curicullum for Training Cybersecurity with NICE Framework. This paper will design a training curriculum specifically for the cybersecurity risk management based on NICE Framework that will be applied to the BSSN Education and Training Center Index Terms - Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Curriculum, Design.